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I'm an illustrator and animator based in London. As a versatile creative, I have a wide range of experience across many platforms.


In 2005 I graduated from Salford University having studied a BA (Hons) Media and Performance. This gave me foundational skills of storytelling, technical skills in editing and camerawork, an understanding of what makes a good performance. I began my career in TV,  working as a graphic designer for various dramas with over 6 years of experience and credits with ITV and BBC. Working alongside talented individuals inspired me to keep upskilling and developing my craft, which eventually helped me find a new passion in animation.

Gaining a role as an illustrator/animator for a corporate video company, I was able to develop this storytelling technique on a range of different projects and clients from explainer videos to emotive campaigns. 

I now work as a freelancer and one of my recent projects included designing and animating the characters for “Reu and Harper’s Wonderworld”, a new children’s TV series combining animation with live-action. The was developed with production company DocHearts and commissioned for Channel 5's Milkshake. 

If I’m not busy sketching something on my iPad or creating a 3d scene, you’ll find me at the local climbing wall enjoying indoor bouldering and the chai lattes!

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