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Aged 18, I stood dressed in a Star Trek costume in my physics class, trying to explain the theory of relativity, badly, to my bemused class mates. At this point in time I realised that perhaps a career in Astro Physics wasn't the right path for me and instead I began to embrace my natural aptitude for creativity...


Sadly there wasn't a degree in "Absolute Everything Creative", so I choose to do a BA (Hons) Media and Performance. This gave me foundational skills of storytelling, technical skills in editing and camerawork, an understanding of what makes a good performance. Basically setting me up as a versatile creative, enabling me to take control over the whole process, from developing the material with the client, to filming and directing the piece and then editing and preparing the product for distribution.

Since graduating (many years ago), I have plenty of experience in different sectors; I've worked in the TV/Film industry for over 6 years as a graphic designer for television dramas broadcast on ITV and the BBC. I've run my own company creating promotional charity films, digital/printed campaigns. I've worked as an Arts educational manager running film projects, for companies such as the BFI and Adobe. I've also have 3 years experience working as an illustrator and animator for a production company gaining experience of B2B projects and working for clients within the healthcare sector or large FTSE100 companies such as PepsiCo or Legal and General.

If I’m not busy sketching something on my ipad or creating a 3d scene, you’ll find me at the local climbing wall enjoying indoor bouldering and the chai lattes!

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